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UWGEAM is about love Unity and respecting One another regardless of religion. UWGEAM stands for God of the universe, God of the world, God of all gods, God of everything, and God of anything including me. Where can we go wrong acknowledging God of it all? The book of UWGEAM is available on Amazon and Barnes and noble. This book will lift you and guide you to a clear understanding of what God is all about. we cannot say we love God but on the other hand, we hate each other. This book is not about hatred, and trust me, you will never find this much love anywhere else. I put God first and I encourage you to do the same and believe me you will not regret it. If you are lost and confused about religion, find UWGEAM as UWGEAM has already found you. This Book is the way of life and it’s about maintaining a better life for everyone. When you read this book, you will feel better about yourself and each other, but most importantly, you will feel better about God. God has created us equally: therefore, we have the ability to think for ourselves and to have an open mind to understand that UWGEAM is God and God is God of the universe, God of the world , God of all gods, God of everything and anything including me. It’s time to let the past go and focus on the future let’s except each other for who we are because we all came from God, UWGEAM. God is peaceful, God is love, God is understanding, and God is in you. This book UWGEAM will be a great success for all of us who truly believes. There are believers and non believers in our world, but I am a true believer of everything that God can do and what He has already done, and when you read this book of UWGEAM, I guarantee you the Spirit of God will move you. God of the universe God of the world God of everything God of anything including me that stands for UWGEAM and UWGEAM is God.

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